Osian Resort Camp

The desert may not be the first destination you think of when you think about comfort and luxury. We at Osian resort camp vouch and strive hard to make it an offbeat experience. With our  Osian sand dunes camps and resort,  we wanted to give our guests the opportunity to experience the desert in the most comfortable way possible with Luxury Resort Camp In Osian.

Osian Sand Dunes Camp

In our Osian Sand Dunes Resort Camps, You can sleep in one of our cottages made of mud (like the typical dwellings of desert dwellers) or in a Swiss tent, all Osian Sand Dunes Resort Camps accommodations are equipped with a Western-style en suite bathroom, fan and comfortable mattresses. The exquisite traditional cuisine at the Thar Camp Resort In Sand Dunes Osian comprises a dinner buffet, a well-stocked bar, a bonfire, and cultural shows that will make you live a mystical night and this is why we are known as the Best Resort Camp In Osian.

Luxury Camp In Osian

What makes our Luxury Thar Camp Resort In Osian stand out from other camps in Oasian are the high standards. Along with this our resorts in Osian guarantee that each of the services we offer is safe and hygienic. Thar camp Osian is a couple of hours away from Jodhpur, easily reachable by jeep. Though it’s a remote and strange surrounding at Osian thar camp trust us with rawla Osian resort Camp you will feel like you are catapulted into another world.

We decided to place our osian resort camp away from all the others, with the idea of ​​making our guests fully perceive the sensations of isolation and remoteness with our Luxury Thar Camp Resort In Osian that gives you a king-size life even in the dunes. It will be magical to enjoy the sunset and sunrise over the osian sand dunes camps and resorts.

The Osian thar camp, also known as the Great Indian Desert, is the most populous desert in the world. Soon after thar camp osian, you will realize it is home to more than thirty million inhabitants and is rich in culture and traditions, inherited from ancient generations. While staying at the resorts in Osian you can witness a lifestyle completely different from any other you have seen or lived. A new world of experiences and adventures waiting to be explored at Luxury osian resort Camp. Since we are the best osian resort in jodhpur we do care about your memorable experiences as this is a custom of our country and our heritage.  We are happy and proud to share our Osian resort with you.

If you are interested in spending one or more days in the Osian Sand Dunes Resort Camp or if you are looking for comfort and Luxury Resort Camp In Osian along with adventure, culture, nature, or even better a mix of all of these. Then we will guarantee you an authentic experience in the  Osian Sand Dunes Resort Camps. Nobody knows about the Thar Camp Resort In Sand Dunes Osian desert better than we, its inhabitants.  we are happy to share our home with you. Visit the Best Sam Sand Dunes Resort Camp In Osian for more information and to book your experience now.

Our JCR Camps

Sachiya Mata Temple Rajasthan

Sachiya Mata temple in Rajasthan is located on a hill at the entrance to Osian. The current complex, also called Shri Mataji Osiya, was built in the 12th century CE by Upaldev, the son of King Bheemsain of the city of Bhinmal. It was built on the ruins of an ancient temple dating from the 8th century,  the sponsor of which was King Upendra of the Parmar dynasty.

The temple is dedicated to Goddes Sachi Mata, one of the forms of Durga and consort of Indra, the God of heaven. She is also venerated as a ‘kuldevi’ or patron saint by both Hindus and the Jain community. This religious tolerance at Sachiya Mata Temple In Osia is displayed as soon as you enter the temple. There is a series of beautifully carved arches in the style of Jain temples encircle the steps that lead us to the main altar

“Stayed for one night here. JCR Desert safari camp was awesome. I have never seen that facility in my life. The service was the best, food was delicious. The staff was warm and Respected the most welcome people in that camp. So, I would like to recommend all u must visit this desert safari camp if you come to Jaisalmer.”


“JCR Desert safari camp in Jaisalmer is really the best. The staff was friendly and super helpful. Jeep and camel safari was good with saw sunset on dunes. The food was yummy. The folk dance was the fantastic owner of the camp is friendly and always gives a reply with a smile. Thanks.”